With Spring Brings Newness.  Alas, Spring is near.  During this time of the year there is a certain newness or rebirth that seems to take place.  Each person has the desire to start anew whether it be to clean, have a newfound hobby or begin their gardening season.  Much preparation goes into these things.  The same is true with gardening.  Come with us as we begin our second year with Grow Appalachia.  We are excited for this rebirth so to speak.

Let me begin by introducing myself.  My name is Teresa and I am new to extension.  Growing up we did have 4-H in school; however, I never knew extension involved so many aspects in the community.  In August of 2019 I was blessed enough to begin a job with extension here in Martin County, where I was born and raised.  I am learning daily how many good things extension does in our community.  One such thing is Grow Appalachia.  We are so fortunate to be starting our second year with Grow Appalachia.  Our little community is blessed to reap the benefits of this awesome program.  These gardeners are excited to begin their gardening and many have began to prepare for their harvest.  We are also excited to help them along this way.  We have already been preparing ourselves to best help our gardeners by ordering seeds and many items they will need during this process.  This is an exciting time to be gardening in Martin County.    We look forward to many new ideas this year, one in which will be a community garden.  This will be a community garden in which the community will be able to help garden and also reap the benefits of this garden.  We will share more about this community garden in upcoming blog posts.  We hope you will come along with us as we undertake this journey of excitement and growth in our little community.