We’re in the midst of a heat wave and our crops are bursting with juicy flavor. Here’s our gallery of gardens and some quotes of what this garden program has meant to our gardeners. Enjoy!

Grow Appalachia has been very helpful to me, they gave me seeds and fertilizer that I couldn’t afford to buy, and taught me many things about pests on how to get rid of them, I’m thankful for the knowledge that I have gained since in this program. I’m thankful for the opportunity to sell at the Farmers Market under the GAP tent, this helps my income, I hope to sell more this year so I can fix my greenhouse up some more with the extra money.  Glenna Robinson

Grow Appalachia is a great program. Jimmy and I started small with two raised beds the first year of our backyard gardening. By the next year, we

had added two more beds and plowed up a 20 foot square in our lawn!   Rebecca Derossett