Changing Lives

One of the greatest joys I have in being a Grow Appalachia Coordinator is seeing people do something they never knew they could. A lot of the participants have become friends of mine on Facebook. Now that the gardens are starting to yield vegetables I am seeing lots of posts about what has been harvested. I believe this program not only feeds bellies it also feeds self-confidence.

Building Self-Pride

When I started back in April one of the first things I did was to go out and till a young, single mothers garden spot. The ground was fairly easy to till. After I had a good start on the area I ask the young lady if she would like to try tilling. She was hesitant at first. After explaining how the tiller worked she decided to give it a try. I walked beside her until she felt comfortable and then I stepped out of the garden. Her sister and I stood beside the garden in silence for a moment. Then she said to me. ” You have no idea how much this is helping her. She was in a rough marriage and has 2 young boys to care for alone now.” I told her I was very happy I could help.

The whole time the young woman was tilling, she was smiling and glancing over at us. The sister spoke again and said. “Look. You can see her confidence building.” And you could. When she had gotten to the end of the last row I helped her shut off the tiller. She walked out of the garden sweating and smiling. Her first words were, “I can’t wait to show the boys what I did.” Then and there I fell in love with my job.

For so many years I have worked at jobs I have hated. Now I am helping people and by helping them I am helping myself. I have a much happier life now.  I’ve never had a job before that when the end of the workday arrives I don’t want to leave.

Now I want to share with you a few of the reasons I love my job.

Facebook Posts and Photos

Lida C.

Don’t laugh, I’m a rookie! Why the mulch you may ask? So I’ll know where to walk 😂. A huge shout out to my husband, the guy who will be eating tomatoes all summer! 🌱🌱

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Marsha M.

Image may contain: plant, outdoor and natureImage may contain: plant, nature and outdoorImage may contain: plant, outdoor and nature

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Good little morning harvest. 

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Buffy R.

Candace C.

I can’t help it…… this excites me!!! I helped grow this!! 🥒 🌽 🍅

Image may contain: plant, food and natureImage may contain: plant and food    Image may contain: plant, outdoor, nature and food
Image may contain: plant and foodImage may contain: plant and food
 I look at these photo’s and smile. Most of the gardeners featured here are first time gardeners and they have done such a wonderful job. I am so happy they are taking such pride in their accomplishments.