Week 4


To start the week we did a program at Natural Tunnel for the Junior Ranger program. Phil and I talked about trees and plants, the functioning parts and did a short hike to point out tree types and interesting facts about them. Once we got back to the office I fertilized my garden plants and did some prepping for Tuesdays poisonous & medicinal plants program.


Used the morning to prep for my poisonous & medicinal program in Pound Gap. Went up early to scout some plants to point out. I had a couple people show up, and it went really well! I took the afternoon off to try and help a starving abandoned dog at High Knob. Breaks my heart that people do that ☹ .


We have the second segment of Junior Ranger program at Natural Tunnel. I’ll use the afternoon to prepare for my foraging on federal lands & mushrooms program tomorrow at the Hunting Club.


My foraging on federal lands & mushrooms program went well! A few people showed up and we walked down a trail looking for mushrooms while I talked about the rules and regulations for picking and harvesting edibles on federal lands. We found some really neat mushrooms! It was a lot of fun, and educational.


It was a slow Friday. Phil was out guiding a hike on the pine mountain trail so I stayed at the office to work on my wildlife encounters & ticks presentation. I also called most of the grow wise folks and scheduled some home garden visits before the holiday. The rain poured on us at the end of the day, perfect mushroom growing conditions!