6.17.19 I plan on working Saturday, so I took a half day today. Used the morning to finish planning the dates and venues for my educational programs the rest of my 10 weeks here. After that I visited the home and garden of a Grow Wise participant to prepare for todays Grow Wise meeting.


6.18.19 Supposed to be a rainy week. Phil and I will be taking a hike with the Wise Primary School, we just missed the rain! Next, I went to a home for a plant ID. She had overturned some flower beds and now plants are growing and she is not sure what they are. The Norton farmers market is today, I will be helping Emily with a food program. She made a black bean dip and we are going to be giving out samples and recipes. The grow Appalachia meeting is tonight as well. We will be covering garden maintenance, and I will be talking about water maintenance and wildlife issues.


Hung up some trellising for my plants in my square foot garden out front of the extension office. Got everything prepped and ready for my Square foot gardening program. Two ladies stopped by and were very interested in learning about this new way of gardening. After the program I went over to another home garden. She was having trouble with the imported cabbage worm eating her broccoli and a nymph harlequin bug eating her kale.


We were supposed to visit some forage plots in lee, Scott, and wise county today but we were rained out. Visited Mountain Empire Community College to see the classroom that we will be in on Saturday for the master gardener training. After lunch Phil and I went to Whitesburg to attend the Pine Mountain Trail Conference. I learned a lot of information at this meeting, I thought it was very interesting to see how they conduct their business. Buttoned up things at the office and ready to go home.


Phil and I went to Whitesburg to the Letcher County Extension office to help give a wild edible foods workshop. It went really well. Quite a few people showed up and they were very engaged. We walked around the office as well as along the outer edges of a parking area, and alongside the road. I learned a lot that I didn’t know as well! Wine berries are very yummy! After that the high knob trail cleanup, and on the way back I hung up some flier for my medicinal plants workshop for next week. I hope people show this time! I’m very ready for the weekend, TGIG!