Growing Martin County

For many residents in our small eastern Kentucky community, farming has slowing began to be replaced. People get busy and purchasing produce becomes more convenient.  In times past, we have relied on learning our way around the garden from our grandparents and the chores handed to us from our parents.   Those days are long gone. Now, we must provide education and instruction in new ways.

With the partnership and support of Grow Appalachia, more than twenty-three families will receive just that. Each family involved are taught the basics on starting and maintaining their garden.  The first class of the summer garden series focused on Garden Design. Each participant brought their garden dimensions and received guidance on placement of each crop they plan on planting. During the second class, gardeners learned about basic garden maintenance and how to care for their fast-growing crops. As we transition into summer and fall, we will learn about fall gardening and food perseveration. Many participants would have been intimidated by starting a garden without the guidance and support they are receiving.  Not only are we growing crops, we are growing farmers.