This phrase has been an inspiration for Marty Coffey. Did you know that words have the power to inspire? The bible says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” This is why inspiring phrases are popular. This should cause us to think about what we say. But that is another lesson for another time and another place.
When Marty Coffey heard the phrase “More Growing, and Less Mowing”, he told his mom, Gail Coffey, that’s what he wanted to do. Marty determined that he was going to turn his yard into a garden. Did Marty know how that phrase would change his life? Or how, that phrase would lead him into a major construction project? Marty found out how that phrase would inspire him to supply organic greens to his community and beyond.
With the inspiration of “More Growing, Less Mowing,” Marty began seeking how he might change the landscape of his mother’s home to aid in growing. This inspired Marty not only to change the landscape of the yard, Marty built one of the 1000 High Tunnels in the state of Kentucky.
On May 13, 2019 the Magoffin County chapter of Grow Appalachia visited Marty’s high tunnel as part of their field day. Courtney Jenkins, Agriculture agent with the Magoffin County Extension Service, invited the University of Kentucky to participate in the event. Attending the event were Dr. Rudolph, Dr. Pfiffer, and Dr. Bessin.
The visiting Dr’s of Agriculture discussed many aspects of growing in a high tunnel. Dr. Rudolph discussed ventilation, weed management using herbicides in enclosed spaces, and the need to rotate and keep a record of your plant map. Also, as part of this discussion, Marty demonstrated the process of how to burn weeds before they become established.
Dr. Pfiffer discussed different diseases. The discussion centered on how humidity makes a good environment for fungal diseases. The Dr. gave a demonstration of some diseases allowing the participants to see the diseases first hand.
Dr. Bessin discussed the managing of pests. The instructions for pest control included:catching problems early, get out often at least once a week to look underside your plants for unwanted aphids. Also, Dr. Bessin discussed the need to keep a record of pests you encounter. Additionally, Dr. Bessin stated how important it is to know your pests. Discussion was also made of a color guide for pests and diseases.
As you can see by the photos, Marty Coffey took the inspiration seriously. He started growing more and mowing less. Now, Marty, the owner of a growing business is inspiring all of us to “Grow More and Mow Less!”