Earth day in The Garden of Eatin’ @ Ramella Park in East Williamson was a huge success!

This year was our second year of hosting earth day in the garden and we could not be more pleased with the turnout! From grandmas to 4 year olds we had a blast while learning about the wonderful planet we inhabit. We started with a tour of the garden and all the crops growing in the high tunnels. Every kid was curious and wanted to touch the plants, some that they could easily identify, like onions, and some they could not, like kale. Next we started talking about soil and microbes while we colored in brand new books from the NRCS. We talked about the importance of the soil having happy worms and rich nutrients while they dug into the ground and planted strawberries and dill. Bird seed covered toilet paper rolls served as recycled bird feeders and they now adorn all our trees.

Recycling is not taught in school but the children learned several tips on how to reuse household items in the garden.  We wrapped up the day with a snack of fresh veggies in the shape of a garden flower. In preparation of market season we have added several childrens events for the Farmers Market as well. So I guess you could say we are focusing a lot of efforts on children and arts this summer! Children are the ones who are don’t receive any nutrition education or growing experience unless their school has a high tunnel and garden program, only one of our local school is fortunate enough to have that so we have a large need to fill. Market opens on the 25th and we will be hosting live music, a mural painting, a taco truck, and several great vendors. Stop in and see us any weekend, there is always something good going on.