January 31,2019 Grow Appalachia hosted “Meet and Greet” where applications were completed and everyone was introduced.  We have had three classes and three workshops this season

  1. Introduction to Grow Appalachia
    • About the program
    • Introduction to the team
    • Site selection
    • Soil Samples
  2. Garden Planning
    • Deciding what to plant
    • Selecting and ordering seeds
    • When to plant
  1. Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop
  2. Apple Grafting Workshop
  3. Basic Gardening
    • Cool season crops
    • Planting potatoes and onions
    • Mulching
    • Composting
  4. Mushroom Workshop

Cathy did an introduction and talked about the program and shared stories. Class schedules were given and discussed along with a Workshop schedule. Participants also received binders,  information packets, handouts and maps to the workshops

Seth talked about soil samples, collecting your soil sample and gave handouts.  He also promoted Master Gardener Program and Plant Sale at the UT Extension Office.

Teressa Honeycutt brought recipes:  Cabbage Roll Soup, Spicy Black Bean Soup, Turkey Chili with Vegetables.  She also talked about classes that will be offered: Eat Well Feel Well class: Addressing nutrition, food safety, food preparation and physical activity. Cooking demos will also be shown. Teressa said, “We have almost made it to spring!  After this long wet winter many of us are feeling a little sluggish and fatigued.  Making sure we are eating foods high in Vitamin D will help us combat that and be ready for those spring time chores that will have us outside and soaking up  Vitamin D from  the spring sunshine.”

Garden Planning and Garden Drawing:

Doug Stephen Basic Gardening:  Gardening is  Journey. Constantly learning, Learning from our failures and Successes.  The harvest is the reward-but not the only reason why most of us garden.  There is no stupid questions.  Ask someone with experience.

1. Nutrients (compost, mulch, fertilizer)


3. Sun

Grow it and Have fun

Learn Always!