Travis again, I guess you could say, we are remodeling our green house. Upgrading everything for a more professional and durable green house. We upgraded the irrigation system from 2” PVC pipe to ½” polyethylene drip irrigation distribution tubing with 360 large circle micro sprayers to cover more watering area. We also attached a timer to the watering system. This will allow us to water our plants without us having to physically be there. The next upgrade is out benches, we have taken out the old wooden benches and are currently replacing them with “EZ-Grow Professional Greenhouse Benches”. These benches are made of aluminum for better durability and they don’t weigh as much as the old wooden benches we taken out from before. We have new vents and fans to install for better circulation of air flow. And a “10,000 BTU Heatstar Blue Flame Greenhouse Propane Heater” for the more chilly months in the green house. We are expecting to have everything ready with the green house come spring 2019.

Our “Red Bird Valley Kitchen” has been coming along nicely. With our main user already having one of his recipes approved and certified. He is currently working on getting some of his other recipes approved. Our certified Road Side Stand/Craft Store is one of the places that we can now sell produce and certified value added products.

The month of October was our last month for our Red Bird Farmers Market. We had a slow start with the weather and missing our planting dates. But all in all we had a good market for our farmers. Not only has it helped them financially by selling some of their produce but also had a lot of good conversations and swapping advice to one another.