Travis here, I went to the “Maximizing High Tunnel Production” Field Day that Organic Association of Kentucky “OAK” hosted at Good Thymes Organic Farm in Williamsburg KY on Thursday September 6th. The field day was very informative and had a lot of good speakers there. We would like to thank OAK for having us and hosting such a good field day.


We had a picnic for our Grow Appalachia members on September 29th, under our water kiosk shed. I asked everyone to bring a dish made with something that came from their garden or something they preserved their self. There was some really good homemade food that our members prepared themselves. We had an awesome turn out of members that came and brought their own personal food for everyone to enjoy. This was a good way for us to say good bye to this year’s gardening season. We also got to have good conversations with the farmers about how they were going to try different things in their gardens to make their produce better next year. Everyone seemed to have had a good time among themselves and I personally enjoyed spending the evening surrounded by good people.