Travis here again, we are happy to say that our cold storage room is almost complete. All we like now is to install the insulation panels to the cold room. This is gonna be a great way for our farmers to have more shelf life for their produce. We had a green bean donation come in that we stored in the cold storage building on July 18th. with the help of our cool bot, we were able to keep them building at close to 56 degree’s inside. A cool bot allows a normal air conditioner to cool a room lower then the air conditioners normal temp of 64 degree’s. Our craft store is also a “Road Side Market” so our farmers can now sell there produce all week long instead of just on Saturday’s.

We’ve had two Grow Appalachia training’s for this years month of July. We would like to thank the Clay County Cooperative Extension Office for helping with the training’s. Our first training was July 5th. This training was over “Preserving Your Food”. Lora Lee Howard did an amazing job with speaking, answering questions and providing a very helpful and informative power point for our farmers to learn on. We gave our farmers 1 case of wide mouth quart ball mason canning jars.

Our second training we had for this month was July 19th. This training was over “Fall Gardening”. Jeff Casada was great at explaining all the need to knows about fall gardening and answering our farmers questions. We gave our farmers tools after this training.