Hello to all our fabulous followers! If I had to write about one thing that would sum up the last 4-6 weeks in our little green garden it would be KALE!!! We have cut kale, sold kale, ate kale, and researched how beneficial kale is.

When we packed our first CSA boxes we were washing kale and had the thought that we should include recipes with our CSA boxes. While looking up kale recipes we stumbled upon a fact sheet outlining 13 benefits of this humble,fast growing, leafy green, and decided to include it as well. Now people are requesting kale. This year the program has expanded to 24 boxes from 13 in the previous year. We are very pleased that we can use some of our community garden space to supply items for the CSA program. We chose to do a row of greens, cabbage, beans and cucumbers just for the purpose of supporting our boxes. We had three good cuttings of kale and decided it was time to do something else. We also have rows of kale in a private garden that I have been munching on for weeks now. In other garden news, the garden looks spectacular, all our growers are actively using their beds, weeding, and keeping everything maintained. Have a great month and see you next time!