Progress Towards Community Commercial Kitchen

Red Bird Mission is making exciting headway on the Community Commercial Kitchen!!!  Plumbing, wiring, equipment installs, and signage are almost done.  Much thanks to all the donors, Work Camp Volunteers, GA and Red Bird Mission Maintenance Staff that have been assisting.  We are scheduling a training for staff to understand how to use and maintenance the appliances and we are working with the Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (KCARD)  to develop a business plan, procedures, protocols, and user agreements.

Red Bird Mission Commercial Kitchen Outside Signage

Inside of the Commercial Kitchen

Kitchen Appliances








Commercial Kitchen Pantry








Our Cold Weather/Off Season Training was attended by 32 participants.  Jeff Casada, Clay County Cooperative Extension Agriculture Agent, provided the training referencing the Home Gardening in Kentucky Publication.  After the training participants were provided cover crop seed.

Jeff Casada, Training Speaker

Participants at the Cold Weather/Off Season Traning

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