Potato digging day. These boys took charge of the group directing us all in the harvest process. It was a wonderful experience.

Members excitedly picking up potatoes Bill unearthed with the tractor.

Susie picking white half runners. Thanks to her and many other members we have picked and sold $250 worth of beans and okra this month.

Bill picking beans.

Our field tomatoes along with flowers and basil we planted with them to encourage our pollinators to visit. The tomatoes have been pretty productive so far. It’s been so hot the last weeks though that they are not currently setting on new fruit.

One of our lovely eggplants.

Zella’s specialty potatoes.

A peek into Beth’s home garden.

It’s certainly been a productive month with harvesting beans, potatoes, okra, blackberries, peppers, onions, eggplant, and more.  Last night we harvested our first crop of dried pinto beans.  We are excited to think of the meals we will make with them this winter.  We had several members take the home canning class this month.  Happily we’ve gotten enough rain so far to keep things growing.