Hi, its Justin at the Red Bird Mission Grow Appalachia site. Well I don’t know about you all but the weather so far has been ideal around here for growing a garden. We’ve had just enough rain to keep everything from drying out and plenty of sun for everything to grow.


It has also been ideal for bugs and deer. We have been battling both. The bugs are the worst this year. We have been consistently spraying and dusting. It has worked but if you miss a day they devour your crop. We have fenced our gardens to keep the deer out and none have broke in yet.

Our farmers market started in June and the vendors have been bringing some excellent looking produce. Lets just hope we can keep up with the demand.

We had a visitor from Washington, DC come down and wanted to do a blog on gardens in the Appalachia. He is a Writer for thehoe.org. He has roots from Harlan County KY, thats what got him interested in this area. I took him around to visit some of our Grow Appalachia members.


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