This year seems to be a very unusual spring, here in SE Kentucky as well as other areas. This Blog is written by Don, a RBM GA Volunteer from the Northern part of Virginia. Like SE Kentucky, we in Virginia have had frequent heavy rainfall as well as late frosts and the occasional 3 to 5 days of warm weather. Altogether, a mix of days that has seemed to encourage the weeks and/or early growth for trees, shrubs and others and then——- a night of frost warnings to kill off buds and early growth!

Oh well. Now that we have progressed to a period of warm and wet days, seeds have sprouted for peas, corn, greens, and others. Many plants have been set-out with surprisingly quick growth. We have pea pods young and tender as well as several lettuce varieties that will be available for the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market. Mixed with some of the other hardy greens and onions, sounds like a possible “stir-fry” or wonderful omelets soon to come.

We have been “side-dressing” and dusting the crook-neck and zucchini squash, okra. and treating the tomato and pepper plants as necessary. Also, the berry plants and bushes have needed a bit of close attention to keep things in-trim. The 2nd year on the blackberry plants is showing near explosive growth.

Cages have been placed for the tomato & cucumber plants. We wait patiently for the peanuts to show us their pleasure with a plot with a high sandy mix. First time planting for these so we’ll see what happens. Stay tuned for exciting information on our processing kitchen here at Red Bird Mission. In the meantime, protect yourself from the sun, stay hydrated and we will “See You In The Garden!!”