Hi this is Justin at the Red Bird GA. I was privileged to have a variety of middle and high school students from Red Bird Christian School come volunteer during the school’s Service Week. A majority of the students are part of the National Honor Society and used this service project as an opportunity to complete required service hours. They volunteered a total of 8 hours and were able to get a lot done during that amount of time. All of the students were able to get hands on experience in helping their community by completing several different projects. They helped me clean out some raised beds, in one of the gardens they planted a variety of vegetables including cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, and corn, they also planted some pumpkins among other things in the greenhouse, and plowed, hoed, and fertilized the pea patch. All of the students worked very hard and seemed to enjoy the experience. The work they put into the gardens, greenhouse, and raised beds helped in the preparation for summer.


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Beyond that, the Grow Appalachia Program is also assisting the members of the program in getting their gardens ready for the summer. Summer plants, such as tomatoes and peppers were handed out and will hopefully be in the ground and growing within the next couple of weeks. All of the members are looking forward to a successful season!


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