My name is Meredith and I volunteer with the Grow Appalachia program. As most of you have probably noticed, the weather has been absolutely crazy. One day it’s cold enough to snow, the next day you could think about getting a sun tan. These weather patterns have caused some people to do one of two things to their gardens; plant it or neglect it. Justin has made several home visits and saw that some people have already got a heard start with their planting, while some have not even cleared the gardens spots.

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If you have already planted or thought about planting because of the warm weather keep in mind that winter weather can and most likely will occur. For example, the forecast for this weekend is calling for a hard freeze and some snow. Also, there will a few different types of “winters” that will occur over the next couple of months. These could include Red bud Winter: early April, Dogwood Winter: late April, and Blackberry Winter: mid-May. This could impact the crops that have already been put out. Now, not that we can blame anyone for wanting to rush warm weather, since that’s something we all want! On the other hand, this back and forth weather should not encourage you to neglect clearing your garden and getting it ready to be planted. We’re already in the month of March and the weather will permit planting sooner than we think. Whether you have planted or not know that your garden needs some type of attention in order to be as successful as possible!

God Bless you,
Meredith Asher