Hey this is Justin at the Red Bird Mission Grow Appalachia partner site. This month we are going to have our first required training “Garden Planning”. During this meeting we plan on using the book we receive from our county extension office called “Home Vegetable Gardening in Kentucky”. Garden planning really is an important step to have a successful gardening year.

In the book it gives you seven steps to help you plan out your garden and we try to use these helpful tips.
It says to plan your garden on paper before you start. This will be helpful to see and remember where you plant so you can rotate crops through the season.
Make sure you pick a good gardening spot and check to see if it gets morning sun to burn off the dew, that it gets at least eight hours of sun a day, its close to a water source and well drained.
It is best to do a soil test if you have not done one in the past two years. This will make sure the levels in the soil are right and if you need to add lime or fertilizer to the soil for it to be good for gardening.
While planning don’t get the big head and plan out a garden that will be to big to maintain. Beginners often over plant and aren’t able to keep up with the work and pest and weeds tend to take over and destroy your garden.
Grow vegetables that will produce the maximum amount of food in the space you have planned.
Don’t jump the gun on planting. Be sure to plant in the right season for the crop you choose and make sure that the crop you have chosen is a variety recommended for the zone you live in.
Harvest your crops at the time of maturity. Be sure to put them away “can or freeze” and don’t waste if you don’t eat them first.

I hope when you are planning out your garden this will help you good luck and have fun.