Hi this is Justin at the Red Bird Mission Grow Appalachia partner site. You would think that winter time would be easier for us coordinators, but it is the busiest time. We have been keep things rolling getting our material orders planned out and setting training dates. We have been signing up new members and getting all the info we need from them, getting previous members back on board and everyone seems to be excited for garden season.

With all of the office work comes reward when you get to see a family that would never have a garden harvest vegetables and fill self worth to provide for them selves. That’s what helps me get through the long days in office during the winter. Can’t wait till spring.

We really don’t have to much more time to wait till we can get stuff in the ground. Most old timers ( what we call the experts around here ) plant peas on the 14th of February. Even if there is snow on the ground dig you out a fur and plant the seed, it will lay dormant some what till the ground warms enough for it to come up.