Hi this is Justin at the Red Bird Mission. Winter has hit all of us now and its the end of the 2016 year in Grow Appalachia. I would like to thank Grow Appalachia for giving us the privilege of being in a program that brings our communities together. We had a great bunch of members here at the mission this year. We are signing up now for the 2017 year hope we have another successful year.

RBM GA members




There are so many members that have taken what we have taught them and provided extra income and food for them selves and families. I am proud of our members for all the hard work and passion they have put into becoming successful. I do believe that the training’s that are required for the members to attend have put more canned food on the shelves, more food in the freezers, made gardens bigger and have brought families closer all just with the knowledge of gardening.

RBM GA members



Good gardening tip for everyone for the end of the year. If you have not already cleared your garden do so this prevents the spread of diseases from one year to the next. Any plant material burn it. Also now on these cold day you can be inside go through your tool and clean the debris and soil off. Oil those tools up and store in a good dry place this will in sure you for good tools for the future.