Hi, this is Justin Brock at the Red Bird Mission. Well the main gardening time has been over, all the bugs and blights are gone. But now its time for winter gardening. We have been harvesting all the great greens, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage we handed out to our members a couple months ago. We didn’t think that we would have enough time for some of our crops, but the weather has been great this fall.

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The winter has hit us now since we had a pretty hard freeze last night. Its time to get out the row cover and cold frame boxes to cover our greens we have been working hard to keep going. This will help us have eat fresh greens through winter. We taught Garden extension to our members and a lot had already gave up the year for gardening and never tried gardening the fall or into winter.

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Here is a little statement from one of our members. As a first year member in the Grow Appalachia program I have learned so much about gardening. For example, I had no idea that there was gardening that could be done year round. The perspective of 4 season gardening allowed me to gain knowledge about the different types of gardening for each season. I have already harvested crops such as broccoli and cauliflower this fall. I have also harvested and will continue to harvest additional crops such as mustard, spinach, swiss chard, and turnips throughout the rest of fall and this winter. This continuous supply will allow me to have fresh produce throughout the winter months. This will contribute a lot to my food supply since I have already used a lot of what I preserved from the spring and summer harvest. Being able to do this makes me appreciate gardening and the knowledge I have learned even more!