It is hard to believe that it is September already. Project Worth Grow Appalachia gardening at Means is winding down so we thought you would enjoy this story as a blog from one of our gardeners named George Beyers.   It seems to be very heartfelt.

It was 2012 when me and the misses came from Florida to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I had just had a heart attack, lost our house and our new president was Obama. Not having any income and not knowing the area I was introduced to this woman named Gail. She set me up with their food pantry and that spring she started teaching me the gift of growing. My wife started getting her retirement and with that we slowly winged our way out of the food bank but continued with Grow Appalachia.

In the years following we were given some trees to grow along tomato plants, peppers potatoes and corn. It was a rough year though. It continued to rain and it washed most of the crops away but we still had hope the oak trees still grow and beans and squash produced 120 jars of food which in the winter of 2014 came in very handy and my son ended our meat problem with rabbit and deer.

In 2015 which would have been our last year at the garden club, my health got better, so I went out and got a part time job.