Hey this is Justin at the Red Bird Mission. This month has been extremely wet. The weeds are ahead and the vegetables are behind. The rain can be great for the garden but to much can destroy it. With all the wet days and I can’t get in the garden, I’ve been doing a little bit of curious research on what to do in the garden during all this rain. I came up with a few tips, make sure that your garden is draining good and the water isn’t standing around your plants it can cause root rot. It’s not best if you go out stomping around in the garden till it has dried off a little. The ground is soft and you can damage the roots to your plants and spread disease. With all the rain that we’ve had it can wash away a lot of the nutrients your plants need, so after it has prettied up out side you need to add some good organic fertilizer or some compose back to the ground. While your in the garden examine your plants if you see any broken plants or plants that are starting to blight it would be best to remove them. Staking plants up off the ground and mulching before the next rain will help them from getting disease.

Even thought the rain has done a lot of damage to the garden it has also been help our members grow plenty of beautiful squash, zucchini, kale, lettuce and other crops for the farmers market. Our market might not be the biggest one around but we’ve had some of the biggest and prettiest vegetables around.

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