Having my first cup of coffee for the day, I am reflecting on the meeting with David Cooke and Holly Korb, the leaders of Grow Appalachia from Berea College, and the Director of Project Worth, Gail Mills.

Along with the Project Worth Americorp Vista and the RSVP volunteers, we had a very informative visit. We had a lot of questions asked and a lot of answers given. The topics discussed will help to further the Grow Appalachia Program at Project Worth on into the future.

There are many benefits to having meetings and get-togethers with folks from all areas of our state. There is a wealth of information and knowledge to be gained. Such as, Homemade bug killer to the different kinds of heirloom seeds that folks have saved and gathered year after year.

Wow! I think I see clouds forming. I hope that we have some rain soon, we could use a good shower. The “older generation” always said that a dry June was a good crop year…I hope they’re right!