Hi, Jane again, (volunteer from the prairie state of Illinois) We, and by that I mean mostly Justin, have SO MUCH going on here at Red Bird campus gardens and greenhouse. The peas are nearly 2 foot tall and are climbing right on up the fence Justin set for them. We have a 100% stand of potatoes and the onions are big enough to eat. I grilled my first mess of asparagus and it was delicious. AND…I ate poke sallet for the first time in my life and it was wonderful!!! I never imagined fried leaves could taste so good.

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The kids from Red Bird Christian School helped plant 32 hills of melons. Also planted potatoes and corn.
It might be a little late to get them started but I planted some zucchini in little pots so they can sprout in the greenhouse. The rest of the greenhouse plants look great.

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Justin and I have been on several home visits. We saw some really nice gardens and I am very thankful for the gracious hospitality of everyone we visited. On the other hand, that guard donkey was not gracious at all….he came racing right up to the truck squalling loud enough to raise every neighbor for miles around 

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This very welcome gentle rain should really bring on all our gardens. I tried digging around a bit yesterday but it was just too wet. Not going to worry about that much just yet as we still have some time before we can get tomatoes, peppers and other warm type veggies out.