Greetings from the folks at Grow Appalachia at Project Worth! Having a full week of beautiful weather and no rain, our new gardeners are, and have been, very busy! While plowing and planting going on, no one has stopped to talk or discuss gardening! Everyone is wanting to get those seed in the ground while the weather is workable and agreeable! The gardeners got their seeds and soil samples in and were ready and excited to get started with their gardens!

With meetings and classes well attended, we are on a roll! We have some really awesome volunteers that get to work on time and don’t leave until quitting time! Some volunteers plow, some plant, and one waters the greenhouse! It’s great to be working with new gardeners this year! They seem anxious and ready to see the “fruit”, or, in this case, “veggies” of their labor! So here’s to hoping everyone in the Grow Appalachia family has a fantastic start in 2016!

Gail Mills Director                                                                                                                                                         Project Worth                                                                                                                                                                 Grow Appalachia Program