As this year comes to a close and we enter the latter half of the decade, we want to thank everyone involved with Grow Appalachia for working so hard to return stainable and healthy fresh food to those we work with. It has been an uncommon year. As I look out on my garden, this evening I still have collards and kale to pick and can. There are still some broccoli and even a few onions, not to mention the lettuce which washed into the lower corner this fall and is now flourishing despite my attempts to control it; perhaps nature does know best? Thanks to one of our partners the garlic is bedded down under a mat of straw for a cold winter’s night, which will come. While we wait for reports from our gardens to file our final year report, we know what a difference this program has made in so many lives. While we will not officially be part of Grow Appalachia in 2016, we will provide transplants to many who were with us these past years. We will do what we can to promote the Grow Appalachia program. One of the churches I work with is in Harlan. Just as Jordan Smith gave a boost to a community that has seen so much downturn due to the decline of coal, his presence on national television has given a breath of life into the mountains. So too does Grow Appalachia. Thank yo