Well, we have accomplished all our requirements for the 2015 GROW program, hosting our last workshop last week. We had a celebration for making it through an unusual growing season and learned about the importance of protein in our diet and when enough is enough. Nutrition has been a big component of our program here at the PEP Gardens this year and we have come to appreciate eating a more diverse vegetable diet.

Seeds for cover crops have been dispersed. We are using buckwheat, winter peas and winter rye. I knew buckwheat was popular with bees but didn’t know it was good for weed control. Winter peas are supposed to put a lot of nitrogen back in the soil and winter rye is just an old cover crop staple here in Eastern Kentucky.

Row Cover is being used by some who have vegetables planted in their gardens that would be affected by freezing temperatures.

So saying all that, I guess we are ready for winter weather.