Eliot at the Appalachian South Folklife Center Pipestem, WV

It feels like fall here this week, chilly evenings mixed with hot sunny days. The fall crops are starting to come in, beautiful radishes, and the best fresh salads I’ve had since spring. We’ve picked most of our pumpkins and are trying to decide which jack-o-lantern will get to be on our doorstep.


Last night we had our required Food Preservation workshop held at the awesome used bookstore Dayfly Books and Collectibles in Princeton, WV. We were a unique crowd because a majority of us have been canning up a storm over the past month or two already. We still learned things though like you are actually supposed to take all the rings off of your jars after they have sat and sealed for 24 hours to prevent rust. I had been taking off rings only if I needed them but I wasn’t really sure if I was supposed to or not. It’s great news because it’s going to save us money.
This weekend I am actually canning the last batch of tomatoes for the year. Also, I just jarred up the second batch of sauerkraut for the year- this time its pink from red cabbage, it is so pretty, wish I had pictures! But I don’t can that because I want to keep the beneficial bacteria and enzymes “alive.” That means I mostly give it away because I make so much it crowds up the fridge this time of the year.


Gearing up to plant a few more crops. Another round of radishes, spinach, turnips and maybe peas. But mostly, like a lot of our gardeners, I am tired and ready to slow down and start putting some of my garden beds to rest for the winter.