To say the least, it has been a challenging year for gardeners. May was dry and June was a monsoon. If you planted in May and could irrigate then you were okay, but if your garden wasn’t plowed until early June then you probably plowed when the ground was wet and that always produces disastrous results, rock hard soil that is difficult to cultivate and seeds have difficulty sprouting.

Some of my gardeners have been disappointed with their harvest, but some have had bumper crops. One little lady over in the southern end of the county canned 81 quarts of tomatoes and has given several bushels away. Her husband staked the tomatoes and got them off the ground. You have to get those tomatoes off the ground.

We canned some chicken tenders in our last workshop to help some of our participants conquer their fear of pressure canners. Heidi always does a good job. Our next workshop is on seasonal gardens and cover crops.