Yvonne Scott at Wolfe County Extension thoroughly enjoying this time of year, when all the fruits, literally, of our labors show their colors in such dramatic ways. Last night I made peach butter in my crockpot, no less, and a peach chutney that sparkled from the combination of rich, dark sugar, ginger, spices, cider vinegar and raisins that simmered for two hours and filled my home with an aroma straight out of some Punjabi restaurant. That’s heaven.

Looking at a sack of tomatoes, I see spaghetti sauces, pizza sauces, salsa and more chutneys. (Do you see theme here?) No vegetable provides just one type of eating delight. And that’s why learning to preserve food in a multitude of ways creates fabulous opportunities for you.

Today was our Preserving Food meeting and what’s more fun than a group of folks washing, chopping, seeding, and stirring up a batch of salsa.DSCN0826

Even the kids got into the class making strawberry freezer jam with a little help from some friends!
DSCN0820 Thanks to our Food and Consumer Science Extension Agent, Ann Hollon, the group learned about the proper ways to get started in water bath canning and using a dehydrator. The reward at the end of the steamy night’s work? A water bath canner of their own and pint and quart jars for creating their own pantry. Along with the Ball Home Canning Book as a resource, here are two of my all-time favorites:
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Now I’m headed home to make–what else?–tomato/apple chutney. tomato apply chutney