Good morning,

St Johns Episcopal in Corbin, KY learned the hard way how too much rain can be devastating to your crops. Our garden is looking sparse today as the rain has caused damage to our peppers and our tomatoes. The rabbits have destroyed our bush beans and 1/2 of our pole beans but…their bellies are full. Fortunately there are still some watermelons, pumpkins and a few beans remaining and we were successful enough to make some pickles to sell! The pumpkins will be used this fall hopefully for pumpkin carvings for the children! They have been excited about the pumpkins as this was their patch to grow!

This has been a major learning experience for the majority of us at this church but it has been fun and exciting and rewarding to watch the garden grow. Unfortunately I have no pictures to post of the garden but with the next blog I will have many!

Best of luck to everyone else!!