Hello, this is Alex Sanders. Grow Appalachia Garden Site Supervisor at Project Worth in Menifee County, Kentucky. I hope everyone is well and hoping it is dry enough for everyone to be able to spend some time in their garden. I know it has been very wet in this part of Kentucky with rain sometimes several days a week. The ground is so saturated than on most of my garden visit I sink into the ground with every step I take. But we will persevere.

On a more positive note we are starting to see more harvest numbers. They are coming along even though the weather has been a problem. We keep hoping that enough harvest will be made so we can open our produce mart on a more consistent basis. The people in our community seem enthusiastic about the availability of fresh produce. Our gardeners have sold a small amount of produce but are waiting for larger amounts of produce to be harvested. This produce sold include lettuce, onions, yellow squash, cucumbers and green beans. Small amounts but you have to start somewhere.

Below, please find a few garden photos from my garden site visits.

Jean Smith garden 1

Eddie Miller Garden 007

Hope you enjoyed these photos. Thanks and have a great month. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so you can work in your gardens more.