May 29 blog 1

It is apparent that Mother Nature has an on switch and an off switch for the rain, but has not moderate flow switch. As most of our appalachian neighbors has experienced since late June, we in Alderson have been just as wet as we were dry in early June. Many of our gardens are green as they can be, but we can’t enter for fear of sinking to our knees. However the water has been a blessing and we see blooms and growth exploding.

Most of our producers are starting to harvest cucumbers, green tomatoes, lettuce, green onions and the beginning of green bean harvest. Squash will soon follow along with many other species.

Our group has decided to take on planning a gardening conference for local gardeners and other Grow Appalachia participating groups. The date is Sept. 12 and it will run from 9am to noon with tours of the new grocery and food hub projects in the afternoon by our food hub board. We will be sending out invitations and advertisement in the next week or so.

Enjoy the heat of summer all and keep growing.