Hello, everyone. This is Alex Sanders, Grow Appalachia Garden Site Supervisor at Project Worth in Menifee County, Kentucky. It has been a busy month at Project Worth. We had a participant’s meeting, we are making many garden site visits, we are preparing for the opening of our produce mart and will be working on and submitting our mid-year report.

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather we are having except for the severe storms we have had over the past few days. I am glad that we are have good weather because this allows our gardeners the opportunity to get into their gardens. The good weather allows me the opportunity to do some garden visits. I have made about 20 or so this month with about that many before the end of the month. Most of our gardens are looking pretty good despite getting off to a late start. We are looking forward to a bountiful harvest this year.

One June 10, 2015 we held our participants meeting on heart healthy cooking. We had a very good turnout. This lesson was led by Gail Mills and she a lot of cooking tips for our gardeners, The back and forth discussion from our participants were very interesting and insightful. At the end of this meeting we distributed a lot of our plants that were still in our greenhouse. These included, tomato, pepper, cantaloupe, watermelon and many others. It seemed that most of our gardeners had a lot of fun going through and getting these plants. It doesn’t take much to make people smile.


We are now working toward opening our Means Organic Produce Market. Opening day is fast approaching, July 7, and there is a lot to do to get it open. We have obtained our Health Department Permit. We have ordered our signage and are awaiting it to be put up. We are shopping for a reasonably price produce scales. We are beginning to advertise the market and are gathering tables, change, money bag, bags and other materials to use in the market. I expect it will be a lot of work and hopefully a lot of fun. Besides having our gardeners participate we are recruiting volunteers to help us run the market.

It is that time of year for us to submit our mid-year report. There is a lot of work in this endeavor but if I get started early enough it is not so taxing. So this is what I plan to do and it will allow me, hopefully, to turn this report in early. This is my plan.

I hope everyone continues to have good gardening weather and I hope they have a bountiful harvest.