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The enthusiasm for Grow Appalachia continues to grow in Magoffin County as participants are learning and implementing new practices. Recent classes have focused on disease and pest management, as well as applying fungicides and pesticides correctly. The growers have raved about the success they are having with the organic products they have  received which include spinosad, diatomaceous earth, and fixed copper. Even the more advanced gardeners who are transitioning from conventional to organic practices have been impressed and several have stated that they have the best looking gardens they have ever had!

We also added a Grillo to our equipment on May 1st and it has been a great tool for our gardeners–it has stayed checked out since its arrival and has proven to be an asset to the program. It is easy to use and operate and certainly gets the job done! I have been excited to share the Grillo with our producers and they are always to excited to get to use it. Small-scale farm equipment can be costly, but I’ve learned that it is worth the investment.

In addition to learning about maintaining the garden, I have discussed the benefits of selling at the Farmers’ Market, as the Magoffin County Cooperative Extension Service has worked diligently to organize the county’s first-ever Farmers’ Market. July 10th will be opening day for the market and four of our Grow Appalachia participants have expanded their gardens and have committed to selling their excess produce. GA 3

Grow Appalachia has provided our growers with a sense of community and a network of resources, as well as opened many doors for everyone involved. We are all excited for the future of Grow Appalachia in Magoffin County!