This week we’ve trellised everything we could get our hands on! We got the hortanova stretched for the bean project, and boy does it look nice! The plants are almost tall enough to start grabbing at the bottom, and they’ve started branching at the top, so they’ll be up to the top in no time.

bean trellises

The rest of the beans are looking good too as they wait for their own trellising. The thistles and grass have been trying to take over, but we got them knocked back with the wheel hoe.

short rows before and after weeding

Over at the New Liberty Shelter, we’ve gotten the t posts driven and the tomatoes tied up to keep them upright. Our beginner gardeners have all learned how to sucker their tomato plants, and one of the residents of the shelter has taken on the job of weeding and watering all of the beds. They’re looking great, and we’ve got some peppers and tomatoes starting to form!

shelter garden 6-18-15

That’s all for this week, but I’ll be sure to post another update as the veggies start coming in!