This is not my regular blogging date but I missed a couple of weeks in May because I had to have surgery, rather unexpectedly. I hadn’t felt well for a couple of months and I just kept telling myself that I would go to the doctor when I got caught up which of course never happened. Finally, I did make an appointment but it was too late to avoid hospitalization. I had a blocked gall bladder duct, mild pancreatitis and of course, I was jaundice. If yellow is your favorite color, then you would have thought I looked good. No one else did!! They removed my gall bladder and I spent seven days in the hospital without eating until that last day which meant I lost quite a bit of weight. I needed to lose but I would not recommend that dieting method to my worst enemy.

I came in to the office on Saturday, May 30th to blog but I couldn’t get into the site. We had planned our vacation for June 6th through the 13th so this is my first day back after a wonderful rest by the sea. Gardens are looking good. Some of my participants planted sweet potatoes last week and I am anxious to visit all the gardens. We are having issues with potato bugs and Japanese beetles but hopefully help is on the way.

Have a great week.