This is Justin Brock at the Red Bird Mission Grow Appalachia. While I was out doing home visits this month I discovered a strange looking fruit on a potato plant. I had never seen anything on a potato plant besides a potato beetle.

RBM GA sum08_potato_fruit_sliced

So I came back and hit the web and found a blog about these things ( they are genuine fruit, but not very common. Each fruit contains 300-500 seeds, but if you plant them they want grow back the same potato that they grow on. You can plant and get potatoes from them, but you’ll have to plant them and see what you get. You can not eat the fruit cause it is poisonous (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and tobacco are all members of the “deadly nightshade” family, all prone to having toxic parts). Interesting! For more info got to the ling posted above.

AND the ladies at the elderly apartments have impressed me again with there mulching and trellising styles.

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