Michele Gore from the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour reporting:

It was another busy week for our volunteers and workers this week.  Good weather made it possible to finish tilling the Salvation Army youth group site and an additional section at the church garden for the Migrant Head Start children.  Tomatoes started from seeds have been repotted, and kale, broccoli, spinach, and Earliana cabbage have been planted. Dan delivered a truckload of steel posts for tomatoes and other climbing plants and we’re ready for some serious planting. There are still some remaining seedlings in the low tunnel, but we’re making progress.



Unfortunately, the soil at the Salvation Army site is full of clay and will need some work to be fruitful. Not to be deterred, arrangements have been made to deliver topsoil and mulch and hopefully the kids can start planting next week. Can’t wait to get them started on their gardening careers!


With several days of rain forecast, volunteers can rest up for all the planting that awaits.