Chad’s Hope was invited by our friend, UK Extension Agent, Jeff Casada to participate in a drug prevention and awareness program called Truth or Consequences at the Clay County High School. We enjoyed being a part of sharing with the students at CCHS the dangers of the drug epidemic and especially to assist Jeff who has been a great help in helping us to develop our garden effort. We also participated in the Senior Breakfast this week and challenged the graduates to dream big and reach for the stars!
Our three gardens are coming along very well. Thank you to Wayne in London for helping us out in a time of need. We also took advantage of the heirloom bean seeds and expect to have them in the ground soon.
One of our staff, Randy, has volunteered to help us out with the groundhog issue. As you know, these creatures can cause major havoc to growing plants and can cause as much damage as a swarm of locusts. Well Randy, BGH for short (Big Groundhog Hunter), has been setting traps, attempting to smoke the vile creature out of it’s den, and has played American Sniper for three weeks. At this point it is Groundhog 5 Randy 0. 😊image