Strong support and enthusiastic encouragement is what keeps our school running at optimal levels. The David School not only has local supports like family and friends of students, but we have a broad range of national support; whether they are funders, college students {who spent their alternative spring breakout in David, KY}, previous teachers, seed companies, or simply people with large hearts – our support is wide and ever flowing.

This strong support system has been evident with our new garden project Inch by Inch. People are constantly asking about our garden, its goals, student involvement, and the day-to-day maintenance. For such a small school, this support is necessary! This week, I have been reflecting on all the times outside support was essential, here is the list that I came up with:

• Funding for Inch by Inch- thank you funders from Connecticut
• Approval to be our own Grow Appalachia site- thank you GA
• Building our two high tunnels- thank you GA
• Donation of starter seeds- thank you High Mowing Organic Seeds & Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
• Multiple truck loads of manure- thank you student’s family
• French Drain construction- thank you Texas Tech University & University of Kentucky
• Truck loads of soil- multiple students’ families
• Advice, Grillo use & plant starts- thank you Sr. Ann & St. Vincent Mission
• Advice, workshop opportunities, etc.- Keith Hackworth & The Floyd County Extension Office

This list is not complete and I am sure I have left holes, but all in all you can see that our school is blessed to have such amazing people invested in our mission & dreams of growth! Thank you to all (mentioned & unmentioned) for sending the school and our garden light and love. No words can truly express how all support (both big & small) has had grand impact on our students, staff and continued success!