Happy Spring to all!  I’m Michele Gore, a new blogger from the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour (ECOS) in Richmond, KY. We started with Grow Appalachia in 2014 and are happy to be back again for another year. We got off to a slow start due to the cold and wet weather and some unexpected leadership changes, but have gained momentum and have just hired our new Gardener Assistant, EKU graduate student Martin Davis. We can’t wait for him to start 5/14/15!!!

Several folks from our church are working hard on the spring preparations and planting. Our garden coordinator is experienced gardener Dan Evans, who is patiently teaching us less experienced (or non-experienced!) in the joys of growing food and flowers from scratch for the greater good of our community. He taught our first class in growing and transplanting seedlings and built a low tunnel for the fragile plants. He, along with some of our other experienced gardeners, showed us what and how to plant and we have planted onions and peas and are ready to plant potatoes.

We look forward to a fruitful growing season with expanding community partners and families who will benefit.