Hello everyone. This is Alex, Grow Appalachia Garden Site Supervisor at Project Worth in Menifee County, Ky. and I hope everything is well with all of the Grow Appalachia Gardeners. I want to report that 3 of the last 4 days have been dry in our region. This is something we are celebrating because of the continuous rough weather we have had since November. We fully expect this weather to continue so we can get on with the business of gardening. Below you will find a few, not all, of the reasons I enjoy being a part of Grow Appalachia Gardening.

Helping people learn to grow an organic garden

Which includes growing safe, affordable healthy food and providing technical
advise during the growing season.

Participant’s meetings

I enjoy greeting the participants and seeing their smiling faces
I enjoy the topics covered
Listening to the back and forth comments of our gardeners

Providing materials and services for gardeners

Providing seeds, plants, organic fertilizer, soil amendments organic weed
killer, organic bug spray, tiller and hand tools.

Traveling around the region

To visit garden sites
To meet new people and have meaningful and friendly conversations
To take a lots of photos as I love to operate a camera
To view the beautiful countryside of this service region
I especially like it when people give me free produce

Providing Marketing Opportunities for our gardeners

The availability of our Pavilion for our participants to sell surplus produce
to help with family finances. I can’t wait to see how much money our gardeners
make at our twice weekly sales this summer.

Grow Appalachia blog

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with a new topic every week but I get a
special kind of satisfaction when I write, what I believe, is a pretty good
post. I think some of my best post are the humorous ones.

Bi-monthly reports

I know. I know. This sounds crazy. I really enjoy compiling information and
everyone knows there is a large amount of information required by Grow Appalachia.
I understand how important it is and I want to provide as much in detail as I can.
Also, ever since I was in grade school I have had a unique fascination with
numbers. I play with numbers constantly. My wife says I am obsessed with numbers
and I am obsessive compulsive (oc) when it comes to numbers. I pay her no attention
with this and continue to play with numbers and I have done so my life and I will
undoubtedly continue to do so. I can’t or don’t want to give up playing with

I hope everyone has a great week and rain-less days so you can work on your gardens.