– eliot in Pipestem, WV
The Appalachian South Folklife Center had its annual Earth Day event on Saturday. It rained, but we had a great time, lots of music and indoor workshops. There were lots of children, rock painting, yoga and a baby bottle fed goat.
I brought a bunch of cabbages and onions and celery for people to take home as well as some extra seeds to give away. I met a few more people interested in participating in our program as well. We have a few people who signed up earlier in the year yet have already become unresponsive so this week we will have to figure out who is in it for the long haul. I am happy to include some of the new people because they are located closer to the Folklife center than some of the others. I find it so odd that some people aren’t over the moon about the Grow Appalachia program- I think it is such a win-win situation for participants, if I was in there shoes, I would be a highly motivated participant.
I am heading to NC to visit my family for a few days and will probably come back with a station wagon filled with plants- I’m so lucky to have a gardening family.