Earlier this week we received an email from the county extension agent. They had been selling blueberry bushes and strawberries and had some left over, “did we want them?” As I have heard David say before, leveraged resources. One of our gardeners took the blueberry bushes and a few of the strawberries. What was left went home with me. Now what I know about strawberries can be summed up in, I like to eat them and I have heard it takes a few years for them to really start to produce. I also have heard that mold tends to be a problem. My solution was a planter my father mentioned when I was in high school. Now at that time, I was using a slide rule (for those a bit younger than me, they are a mechanical device that did not need charging and could be used to do all sorts of mathematical calculations),  and the smallest working computer weighed tons and took up a whole room or more. I had the plants, so now what to do? I had some scrap wood around and so I made this box from what I could remember of the planter he talked about. I just happened to have four, ten foot long 1″ X 8″‘s. strawberry box With the impending storm on the way, imagine that this year, I cut them in half and with a little scrap wood, made bands around to hold it together. I then drilled holes around the sides to insert the plants and filled it part way up with soil since I only had enough plants for the bottom half. In all likelihood, I cut it down a bit and make two from one, but as the rain started just after I got it into place, it is what it is. I’ll let you know later if it works.