Hello everyone.  Surprise.  Surprise.  It’s still raining everyday.  It has to stop soon right?  I certainly hope so.  My name is Alex Sanders and I am the Grow Appalachia Garden Site Supervisor at Project Worth located in northeastern Kentucky. Now days I know we live in the Daniel Boone National Forest but lately it seems we live in the Rain Forest.  Sooner rather than later it will stop raining and everyone can go outside and work in their garden.  Most of my gardeners are really tire of preseason preparations and meetings.  I understand their frustrations but I keep telling them that everything will work out.  We must keep a positive attitude and accept the fact that Mother Nature will run her course and we will be fine.  In the meantime, we will continue meeting and preparing to have a wonderful, bountiful and great garden season.


On Monday, April 13th we held our third participant’s meeting.  The topic of this meeting was Garden Maintenance, Disease Control and Organic Remedies led by Gail Mills and myself.  We had a very large turnout for this meeting.  This meeting also served as the opportunity to distribute certain items to our gardeners.  I had spent the day dividing seed potatoes, fertilizer and onion sets while Gail was busy putting together the many different seeds requested by our gardeners and putting together the agenda for the meeting.  We handed out many seeds such as, 5 varieties of green beans, 5 varieties of corn, 3 types of seed potatoes, 2 types of cucumbers, 2 types of peas, 2 types of onions, summer squash, broccoli, pumpkin and leaf  lettuce.  In addition, we have 7 types of tomato plants, cantaloupe, watermelon and cabbage plants growing in our greenhouse.  Everyone seemed to be pleased with this meeting information and grateful for all of the items that they received at the meeting.  We believe it was a very productive meeting.


We have 47 gardeners who have signed a Grow Appalachia agreement.  We are still recruiting and would like to add about 13 more garden families.  For these new garden families we will hold 3 makeup meetings covering the topics they have missed.  We hope to wrap up recruiting by the end of the month and have the makeup meetings completed before the 10th of  May.


Hope everyone has a great week and the weather begins to dry up so we can get outside and work in their garden.  Keep the faith and stay positive.