As I look over the many blogs of the partner sites I notice a repeated thread. Water, mud and delayed planting are common topics. We have had another week of rain. Yesterday and today have been warm and sunny, except for a light frost this morning, but again the week to come is predicted to be filled with possible storms and another two to three inches of rain.  Domain hill 3 April 15

As I travel from my home in Lee County to the churches I work with in Estill and Harlan, I travel the roads; some washed out, I see gardens all along the way. I am not sure if there are really more gardens than before or if it is because I am now planting myself that I just now notice them.  I am still very much a novice at this, but as I look at them, I think, “yes, they got that field plowed, or they plowed it and it looks so wet”. I may look off to the side and think, “I wonder what they will plant when they get the soil turned” or question if they have given up and the land will lay fallow this year? It is the same with our gardens. A few have been plowed and turned while others have just been too wet to even get near.  Elaine's garden 1

Most of our transplants will be picked up tomorrow along with more seed and potatoes. Now the question comes, can we get them in the ground before it is too late? We will gather tomorrow evening to discuss garden pests and disease, given the weather I have to suspect that fungus, mildew and rot will be of particular interest this year unless this year turns out like the weather when I spent several years roofing. In the winter we complained about the cold and the heat in the summer. One day, we were putting a copper roof on a house. One team was melting snow off with propane torches while those on the southern side of the house were in shorts because the sun hit that side. I wonder how often this summer we will be hoping for the rain we now wish would go away.